From Bali to Texas

depth behind the details

Following a recent trip to Indonesia, this styled shoot is inspired by the Balinese philosophy of balance, Rwa Bhineda - the idea that opposites provide stability and that everything in life comes with its necessary counterpart. In my mind, a beautiful philosophy to pay tribute to in a marriage. So, that's what we did!

Opposing colors, black and white, are displayed heavily throughout the design: in the couple's attire, the invitation suite, the dinner plates, cake and flatware. All captured beautifully by Smithhouse Photo.

Nib and Pixel custom made a gorgeous invitation box with a watercolor painting of the venue, The Greenhouse at Driftwood, on the top inside and acrylic palm invitation and rsvp plates on a bed of greenery within. SO AMAZING!!


A bright mix of colorful florals are incorporated to imitate the sacred offerings the Balinese display outside of temples, homes, statues and businesses all around the island. After sending Bricolage Curated Florals an image I had taken on the trip, she blew my mind with this insanely stunning and spot-on bouquet. What a gal.

bali (1 of 1).jpg

The cake, from Sweet Treets Bakery, is based on the black and white theme while simultaneously bringing in aspects of the island by using black crystals to imitate volcanic rock. Volcanoes are a huge source of income to the tourist economy in Bali and people from all over the world come to see these impressive formations. During my visit, Bali's tourist rates were struggling due to the 'active' status of the largest volcano, Mount Agung. I wanted to incorporate this element and also show the beauty and life that flourishes from it. Another example of balance.


Alyssa wore a dreamy, beaded, Rue De Seine gown from Unbridaled for both ceremony and reception. The romantic sheer overlay was removed for a sleek, stylish reception look. Mikey wore an unconstructed Italian wool blazer with Italian brushed pants from Bonobos, we had him change from formal shirt and tie at ceremony to lax, tropical, style for reception.


When thinking of how to best convey the Balinese way of life in an American dinner setting, I was constantly taken back to how welcomed and comfortable I felt while there. This square Aaron table, from Birch and Brass, jumped out as the perfect way to visually imitate that feeling. I also wanted to incorporate something to be shared amongst the group, in hopes that it would add another sense of global unity. So, the center decanter of wine is intended to be a symbol of: "This is all of ours to be shared, we are connected at this setting and in this time and that is beautiful." -- yes, said passionately in a run-on sentence. 



Newlyweds, Alyssa + Mikey, are key components to the successful outcome of this shoot. I wanted to include two individuals who compliment one another, relish in differences and are just purely in love with life and each other. These two did not fall short. Thank you to the entire team who brought this all together:

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